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We would like to express our thanks to all who auditioned for this City Youth Players production. If you are unsuccessful in being cast in this production, we urge you to come out and audition for future productions with us. Each show has its own requirements in terms of what kind of cast is needed, so the fact that you were not right for this show does not  mean you will be unsuccessful in your future auditions  for City Youth Players.

Keep working on your performing arts skills and support your local community theatre as much as you can by coming out to see shows like ours - there is more to it than just being on stage!
Wiz Logo

Andrew B - The Wiz

Lori C - Yellow Brick Road
Olivia C - Addaperle
Amy F - Yellow Brick Road/Glinda
Michelle F - Aunt Em
Carine G - Yellow Brick Road
Emma G - Yellow Brick Road
Frances G - Dorothy
Dallas J - Tinman
Graeme J - Crow/Gatekeeper
Jenna K - Crow
Sheldon K - Lord High Underling
Yves L - Uncle Henry

Devon O - Crow
Mariana P - Yellow Brick Road
Jesse S - Lion
Mark S - Winged Monkey
Amanda W - Yellow Brick Road
Devon Y - Scarecrow
Dani Z - Evillene

*Other Roles cast from Ensemble. TBA

Edith B

Mindy B
Vanessa C
    Emily C
Hannah C
Jamie D

Sierra F
Corey H
Emma K
Tal K
Rebecca K
Daniel K
Kendra L
Sarah L
Shira L
Victoria M
Elizabeth M
Shanee M
Blair R
Cali S
Berkley S
Halle T
Cheryl W

If CAST, please read the following:

The full cast is required from
12:00 - 2:00pm on
Sunday September 30th

for an important info session and a meet & greet.

Dorothy, Scarecrow, Tinman, Lion  & Wiz
also needed after meeting until 4:30pm

You must please send an email to: 

to confirm that you have viewed this cast list.